Who We Are

The Academy is a non-profit company (NPC) that represents forensic science practitioners in South Africa.

SAAFS has the following objectives:

a. To promote and protect the interests of the Academy and its members, to encourage the development and maintenance of forensic scientific and ethical standards, to encourage research in the forensic sciences, to encourage co-operation and to deal with all such matters as may affect their common interests in respect of forensic sciences.

b. For the purposes of the Academy, forensic sciences include the five disciplines as recognised by the Organisation of Scientific Area Committees (OSAC):

  1.  Biology/DNA
  2. Chemistry/Instrumental Analysis
  3. Physics/Pattern Interpretation
  4. Crime Scene/Death Investigation
  5. Digital/Multimedia
  6. For details of what each of these field encompass, please click here.

c. To promote, support or oppose as may be deemed expedient, any legislative or other measures affecting the interests of the Academy or its members.

d. To confer with the Government, Provincial Administration or local authorities and their departments and all other interested bodies of concern to, or likely to be of concern to the Academy.

e. To be affiliated to any Association or organisation as may be decided upon by the Academy from time to time.

f. To collect and disseminate information likely to be of use to the Academy’s members.

g. To promote a high standard of quality and assurance in the forensic science professions, including certification of forensic scientists.

h. To promote the forensic science profession, by advertisement, publicity campaigns, exhibitions, or other appropriate means.

i. To acquire, either by purchase, lease or otherwise, and to sell, let, mortgage or otherwise deal with or dispose of any movable or immovable property.

j. To establish, maintain or assist in the establishment or maintenance of any fund or committee formed or which may be formed for the protection of the interests of the Academy or its members, or for the protection and benefit of employees, or for the benefit and protection of the joint interests of employers and employees in the forensic science profession, provided that no fund which is not subject to control under any law shall be established until the rules governing such fund have been approved by the Registrar of Companies.

k. To do all other lawful things as may appear to be in the interests of the Academy and its members.


The goals above are as outlined in the Memorandum of Incorporation (MoI) of SAAFS. A copy of the SAAFS MoI can be downloaded here.

SAAFS members have to adhere to a Code of Conduct (Code). Click here to download a copy of this Code. This Code promotes high scientific and ethics standards in SAAFS.