26 May 2022 – Webinar

Procedure Related Deaths in South Africa

SPEAKER: Several speakers with Dr Stefan Jv Vuuren as the programme co-ordinator 

TIME: 18:00 – 20:00 SAST (GMT+2 or UCT+2)


This is a first for SAAFS! We are honoured to co-host this webinar event with the Forensic Pathology Academic Collaboration Group in South Africa. This group of forensic pathologists meet regularly, and we welcome them this month under the SAAFS banner for this joint event.

The programme coordinator is Dr Stefan Jansen van Vuuren. He is a specialist and senior lecturer in Forensic Pathology at the University of the Free State. He mainly work as a forensic pathologist in the field of medico-legal death investigation, where he performs post-mortem examinations on suspicious or unnatural deaths. He has also been involved in criminal and civil litigation as an expert witness in forensic pathology.

In addition to the above Dr Jv Vuuren is also a lecturer in Forensic Pathology to pre- and post-graduate students in medicine, law, and forensic nursing. He also regularly present topics in Forensic Pathology to the private health and legal sectors. He is the program coordinator of the Forensic Pathology Academic Collaboration program, whose mission it is to facilitate academic collaboration between the forensic departments in the various medical schools. See the following link for his bio: www.linkedin.com/in/stefan-jansen-van-vuuren-461a8274


Time Speaker Topic Abstract
5min Dr Stefan Jv Vuuren

Program coordinator

Welcoming and e-tiquette
5min Dr Antonel Olckers

Chair of SAAFS

Introduction to SAAFS
20min Dr Stefan Jv Vuuren

Forensic Pathology


Introduction to Death Investigation of PRDs in SA Dr Jv Vuuren will introduce the medico-legal concept of Procedure Related Deaths in South Africa. His presentation will deal with the [current] definition of procedure related deaths (PRD) and the relevance of death investigations into such deaths.
20min Dr Anez Awath Bahari

Forensic Pathology


An approach to the Death Investigation of PRDs Dr Bahari will present a general approach to procedure related deaths, aimed at the forensic pathologist, against the South African medico-legal framework. The presentation focusses primarily on the autopsy examination and its challenges, and highlights expected outcomes of this process.
20min Dr Jacques Matthee

Private Law


The legal principles of medical negligence in South African law Dr Matthee’s presentation will provide an overview of the legal principles underlying medical negligence in South African law. The presentation begins with defining “negligence” in a legal context. It then systematically unpacks the requirements, test, and proof of negligence, specifically in medical malpractice claims. In conclusion, possible legal developments are discussed.
20min Prof Gert Saayman Deaths associated with medical treatment: The bigger picture Prof Saayman will present a broader perspective on deaths associated with medical treatment – with reference to international developments and legislation, as well as a critical look at the need for legislative reform in SA – in respect of procedure related deaths but also in respect of forensic pathology practice in general.
30min Dr S Jv Vuuren

Program coordinator

Questions and Discussions

Webinar Registration

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