28 April 2022 – Webinar

Humanitarianism in Forensic Science

SPEAKER: Ms Lucinda Evert


When looking at Forensic Science we often only take into consideration the judicial or criminal aspects of our work, though it has far more impact than just serving justice. In this presentation we will touch on the humanitarian aspect of forensic science and why it is important. We will also discuss the various programs run by the International Committee of the Red Cross in order to not only promote humanitarian forensic action, but also to encourage authorities to consider it as an integral part of their function.


Lucinda’s academic background is in Medical Sciences and Medical Criminalistics, and she has complemented that with over 12 years’ experience with the Forensic Pathology Services and South African Police Services’ Victim Identification Center. In particular, she has developed strategies and procedures for victim recovery in mass fatality incidents, postmortem processing of unidentified bodies and/or human  remains with the emphasis on identifying such persons provided training to role players in Disaster Victim Identification and assisted in the establishment of an unidentified persons database on the South African Police Service Website.  She is currently working as a Forensic Specialist with the International Committee of the Red Cross covering the Southern African Region.

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