25 March 2021 – Webinar: An Introduction to Digital Forensics: No Magic Buttons

Presenter: Saskia Kuschke

Director: Digital Forensics, DFIRLABS (Pty) Ltd.

With the proliferation of technology in all walks of society, it is no surprise that digital forensics has become more necessary than ever. However, given that digital forensics (DF) is a relatively young discipline compared to its noble cousins in the rest of the forensic science field, there may be some misconceptions surrounding what DF actually involves (a situation certainly not helped by television series such as CSI). The purpose of this talk is to illustrate the digital forensics process, from acquisition to presentation, using real life examples from previously-completed cases. We’ll discuss digital evidence, where it comes from, how it needs to be collected, the myriad ways it can be examined and analysed, and how it can be presented and reported. Finally, some challenges in the digital forensics profession will be highlighted and discussed. This talk is primarily aimed at individuals interested to learn more about digital forensics, and all skill levels are welcome.