Marius Joubert

Marius Joubert  is a qualified crime scene investigator, fingerprint expert, bloodstain pattern analyst (BPA) and crime scene reconstructionist (CSR) for the Operational Section of the Criminal Record and Crime Scene Management, Western Cape, Division Forensic Services with over 30 years’ experience in crime scene investigation and processed over 9000 crime scenes during his career.

His education, training with international forensic scientists and case experience provided him the ability to establish himself within the forensic science environment, community and court rooms. His wide field of experience include BPA, forensic entomology (sample and data collection), archaeology (forensic), cold case studies, preliminary laboratory analysis at Biology Section, Forensic Science Laboratory, Western Cape. He established the Victim Identification Centre, Western Cape in 2012, performing post mortem data collection, unknown victim identification, missing persons, anthropology, facilitate disaster victim identification in cooperation with Forensic Pathology Services. He is a full member in good standing with the International Association for Bloodstain Pattern Analysts (IABPA) and Association for Crime Scene Reconstruction (ACSR) and participates in regular research projects within bloodstain pattern analysis environment.

Specialise in high profile cases where his extensive knowledge towards bloodstain evidence, biology, crime scene reconstruction and event analysis are required for court purposes.

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