Past Events

Webinar: Regulation of the Forensic Science Profession in South Africa

Date: Thursday, 29 July 2021, 13:00 to 15:00 SAST. Speaker: Discussion format with several speakers. Regulation of the Forensic Science Profession in South Africa. This webinar will provide a platform to discuss the regulation of the forensic science profession in South Africa. It will take the form of a few short presentations by various speakers on the following aspects.

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Webinar: ‘The dose makes the poison’

29 April 2021 – Forensic toxicologists are often involved in investigating the role of alcohol, drugs, and other toxicants in medico-legal cases. In this seminar, Bronwen Davies will discuss core concepts of forensic toxicology, including how biological specimens are analysed to provide key information that may be used to interpret an individual’s impairment or to determine whether substances may have caused their death.

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Webinar: An Introduction to Digital Forensics: No Magic Buttons

25 March 2021 – With the proliferation of technology in all walks of society, it is no surprise that digital forensics has become more necessary than ever. However, given that digital forensics (DF) is a relatively young discipline compared to its noble cousins in the rest of the forensic science field, there may be some misconceptions surrounding what DF actually involves (a situation certainly not helped by television series such as CSI).

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