SAAFS Membership

All members of SAAFS agree to be bound by the SAAFS Code of Conduct (Code) and the Academy’s Memorandum of Incorporation (MoI). After admission as members they pay an annual membership fee. These are general requirements for all categories of membership.

Click on the above link to see details related to a SAAFS membership application. This includes detailed membership criteria, membership fees, forms to be submitted, etc. Please note the three categories of SAAFS membership below.

Associate Member

Has no voting rights in SAAFS
  • Any interested party that wants to be a member of SAAFS, but does not qualify to be a full member, or prefers not to be a full member
  • Note that members from the legal profession, press, and any other interested party will be accommodated in this category.

Student Member

Has no voting rights in SAAFS
  • Students must be registered at a formal academic institution.
  • Students have to submit a single PDF document with proof of their formal registration at an academic institution.

Degree Requirements for Full Membership

Members of SAAFS, who joined under the degree option, possess the following degrees for the relevant fields of practice. All these degrees are registered at level 8 on the National Qualification Framework (NQF) of:

1. Biology / DNABiology, biochemistry or molecular biology

2. Digital / MultimediaInformation technology, computer science, mathematics or electrical / electronic engineering

3. Chemistry / Instrumental AnalysisChemistry or physics

4. Physics / Pattern InterpretationChemistry or physics

5. Crime Scene / Death; Investigation, Biology, chemistry or physics